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When the movie Under the Bed released, it opened the audience up for a new kind of thriller about stalking. It also made a star out of Hannah New who was only seen in television since then. She has however been a part of a remarkable Disney movie called Maleficent and has also starred in the movie Shelter. Hannah New was also into modeling and her roles were perfectly essayed by her to the best of her abilities. She has also done movies such as ReVersion and Super Mario and is known for some amazing television roles.

As for her television roles, that is how things started for her after an American talent manager spotted her. She starred in the series The Borgias and soon had a lot of work on her platter. She did successful and popular shows such as The Time in Between and is famously known for the television show Black Sails.

She is an English actress and was born in the United Kingdom. She was born in Balham in London. She celebrates her birthday on the 13th in the month of May and was born in the year 1984 which now makes her 35 years old. It was around 2010 that her career took shape and she has been amazing ever since then.

Her personal life is a mystery as she keeps things private.

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