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A very popular and interesting professional fashion model and television and film actress is Alana de la Garza.

Garza is an American Native born in Columbus, Ohio on the 18th of June in 1976. Her family shifted to El Paso, Texas, where she spent her childhood.

Holder of a local beauty pageant of Miss Photogenic in competition Miss El Paso Teen USA is most profoundly known as Connie Rubirosa in series Law and Order, Law and Order: LA and Law and Order: Special Victims  Units.

Garza has featured in several TV series like Mortal Kombat: Conquest in 1999, All My Children in 2001, JAG in 2003, Las Vegas in 2003, Two and a Half Men in 2004, The Mountain from 2004 to 2005, CSI: Miami from 2005 till 2011, Single Ladies in 2012, Do No Harm in 2013 and Forever from 2014 to 2015.

Garza soon appeared as a film actress with her feature roles in Bending All the Rules in 2002, El Segundo in 2004, Mr. Dramatic in 2005, Mr. Fix It in 2006 and Are You Here in 2013.

Alana de la Garza got married to Michael Roberts on the 31st of May in 2008. The couple has a couple of kids, a daughter and a son.

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