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Claire Coffee or Claire Elizabeth Coffee which is her full-name is a fine example of how quality presides over quantity. She does not have the most number of movies or television series below her belt, but the ones that she does are phenomenal. They are all very popular and they have seen her as an amazing actress. She did start early in her career and the success that she achieved so early is inspiring for the newcomers. Claire Coffee is best known for some iconic roles but has also performed in some strong supporting characters which have displayed the best of her skills.
Claire Coffee was born in the San Fransisco region in California in the United States of America. She has been active in her career since the year 2002 and it has been 17 long years now and her career has never slowed down. She went to school in Santa Catalina School for girls and also attended Northwestern University for a degree in Theatre.
The drama series Grimm clearly brought out the best in her and she was praised profusely for this show which aired on the NBC network. It was a fantasy drama which had thousands hooked onto the show, making it a very popular series. The West Wing is another of her special performances. She also played the character of a nurse in the show called General Hospital. Franklin and Bash is one of her more recent works and she has done many smaller roles which show her talent.
Some of these smaller roles have been in films like Mafia Lending Services, Grind, Buddymoon, The Competition, and many others.
She also has been blessed with a picture-perfect family. She has been married to Chris Thile who is a musician and they have a son together. Currently they live in Brooklyn in New York.
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