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She was quite the star in the world of television who won hearts with her acting skills and her beautiful looks. We are speaking of course, about the talented Emmanuelle Vaugier who has starred in several popular television shows and has made a name for herself. She is best known for her appearance in Two and a Half Men, which was a raging hit back in the day. She starred opposite the legendary actor Charlie Sheen and had a recurring appearance in this show. Besides this, she did plenty of other work which included modeling as well. Emmanuelle Vaugier has also starred in some movies where she played supporting roles.
She was born on the 23rd of June in the year 1976. This makes her 43 years old as of now but she is still quite the head-turner. She was born in Vancouver in Canada and currently moves to and fro from Los Angeles for work purposes.
She grew up as a Roman Catholic and due to her good looks, soon found her calling in the glamour world. She starred in modeling assignments and soon she got an opportunity on television. Her debut show was called Highlander: The Series. She soon got chances in North Shore which aired on the Fox Network. She also did various other roles as guest-stars.
These roles were small but she did make an impact. Some such instances are television series like The Outer Limits, Charmed, Supernatural and Veronica Mars where she impressed the audiences with her fine performances. She has also done a few movie roles like in Saw II and Saw IV. She had an important role in the film 40 Days and 40 Nights.
As for her personal life, a relationship between her and Chuck Lorre was brewing from 2010-2012. But eventually it did not work out and the couple broke up.
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