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Jenna Malone was known for her terrific music as well. Her single number is called Blood Stains which came out in the open year 2007. She loved singing and she never hesitated to perform in the street shows as well. The musical project was The Shoe for which she performed in the street shows. She can play a lot of instruments as well.

She is an action hero heroine. Zack Synder’s Sucker Punch was one such movie in which she acted as an action heroine. The Hunger Games is another such work in which she was cast as an action heroine. She appeared in a lot of horror movies as well. Nicolas Winding Refn’s psychological horror movie was called The Neon Demon. She was also cast in Tom Ford’s thriller which is called Nocturnal Animal. She is from the Norwegian descent and belongs to the Irish ancestry.  Her mother became pregnant after a one night stand with her father, she revealed this. She was raised by her mother and the girlfriend of her mother. She didn’t know who was her father in her childhood but then reconciled with him in the adulthood. Malone grew up impoverished and didn’t see much riches until she became too successful. Her family relocated a lot. They were not as privileged as the rich. She got prepared for the gypsy like lifestyle in her early childhood only. She revealed that she was so poor that she saw her family hop out of apartments and she saw loss of jobs, she saw getting kicked out  . she stayed in cars and also in the cheapest hotels.

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