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Jennifer Carpenter is one of the most powerful figures when it comes to flawless acting. She has presented us with a lot of hits both in movies and on television. She is a skilled genius who portrays the roles with a lot of perfection. Jennifer was born on 7th December in the year 1979. She is a powerful personality appearing in almost the best TV shows and movies.
In the year 2007, she started dating the man opposite her in the show called Dexter and they exhibited great chemistry. They eloped and married each other. They appeared in front of the media in the 66th Golden Globe Awards in the month of January of the year 2009. In December 2010, Hall and Carpenter both declared that they are eager to divorce each other. This happened in the year 2010. They finally got divorced in the year 2011.
On the 10th of February, Carpenter and Seth Avett got engaged and were expecting their first child. In August 2015 a child was born to them. She was pregnant during the shooting of Limitless. Carpenter and Avett also married in the month of May, 2016.
In the year 2010 she took part in the Marathon at New York City and all her fans came to know about her fitness.
Jennifer Carpenter‘s aunt helped her in achieving her dreams of becoming an actress somehow. Her outstanding acting in The Exorcism of Emily Rose is admirable as her versatility got reflected in such challenging roles. She has always been such a girl where she did not have to depend on anybody else for something. At the age of eight only she was sure that acting would be the best profession for her. After coming to NYC, to fend for herself she grabbed the job of a waitress. She declares that she did learn a few things from that experience as well.
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