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Jessica Lucas saw the light of the world on 24th September in 1985. She is a renowned artist in the television sector. The various television shows which got famous are Edgemont, Melrose Place, Cult and Gotham and some of the movies which made her famous are The Covenant, Cloverfield, 2013 Evil Dead. She is also known for her sizzling performances in the music video of Coldplay’s 2014 single track called True Love.

Lucas was born and brought up in Vancouver at British Columbia. Her father and mother belonged to different ethnicity. She started acting when she was seven years old. She was trained from the Children’s Art theatre school. She began her career by appearing in stage productions Snow White and The Seven Dwarf, Grease, Cinderella, Mousetrap and the music medley. In April 2017, she declared that she is going to get engaged with chef Alex Jermasek. In the year 2001, she joined the teen drama called Edgemont as the character called Bekka Lawrence. She also gave a guest appearance in the episode of The L Word and the character which she played is Roxanne. In the year 2006, she starred in the movie called She’s The man. She also featured in the cast of Crime Scene Investigation.

In the year 2007, she joined the cast of CSI. Apart from appearing full time in some movies/ television shows. In the year 2006, she starred in the guest television like 2030 CE. In the year, 2008 she guest-starred as the character of Kimberly Macintyre in the first four episodes of The CW’s 90210. She also starred in Cloverfield. She also starred as Lily in J.J Abrams. She also featured in the movie called Amusement.

Lucas was actually a part of the main cast of the NBC sitcom Friends With Benefits. She also starred in Pompeii.

She dated Brandon Collier. She has a very simple love life. It is not as complicated as the other actors.

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