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Jill took her birth on Jill Suzanne Wagner, on January 13, 1979, in Winston–Salem, North Carolina, US. She lost her mom not long after her introduction to the world and was raised by her dad, David Wagner, a US Marine, and her grandma. She has a senior sibling.

Jill contemplated in the Ledford Senior High School in Wall burg, North Carolina, and she at that point, acquired a four-year certification in business the executives in 2001 from the North Carolina State University. She additionally went to the globally prestigious Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in its Raleigh focus and moved on from that point. In this way, she earned the name Miss Barbizon.

Jill Suzanne Wagner is an American model, on-screen character, and host, best known for introducing the ABC game show Crash for six of its seven seasons. An alumnus in business the board, Jill additionally proceeded to move on from the Barbizon Modeling and Acting School and was named Miss Barbizon. She at that point set out toward California to assemble her profession as a model. She arrived up with her first TV highlight in 2003, in the American reality arrangement Punk’d. Her demonstrating interests saw her showing up in magazines, for example, Stuff and FHM. She wound up prevalent as The Mercury Girl after including in TV plugs as the spokesmodel of the Portage brand, Mercury. She forayed into movies with a little job in the 2005 American satire dramatization June bug and pushing ahead, featured in the 2008 American thriller Fragment. She ended up one of the moderators of Crash in its first season in 2008 and rose to unmistakable quality while introducing the show for six seasons. Jill highlighted in the TV arrangement Cutting edge: The Series and Teenager Wolf. She additionally co-facilitated the TV show Inside the Vault.

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