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Jill took her birth on Jill Suzanne Wagner, on January 13, 1979, in Winston–Salem, North Carolina, US. She lost her mom not long after her introduction to the world and was raised by her dad, David Wagner, a US Marine, and her grandma. She has a sibling. Jill contemplated in the Ledford Senior High School in Wall burg, North Carolina, and she at that point, acquired a four-year certification in business the executives in 2001 from the North Carolina State University. She additionally went to the globally prestigious Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in its Raleigh focus and moved on from that point.

She played Larrin, a pioneer among the Explorers in two scenes of the Canadian American experience and military sci-fi TV arrangement Stargate Atlantis. The scenes, titled Voyagers and Be All My Sins.

Albeit a couple of years old in media outlets, she got her genuine leap forward as the on-area moderator of the game show arrangement Crash, which debuted on ABC on June 24, 2008. She remained the co-host of the show from its first to its fourth season, and again for its 6th and seventh seasons, incorporating 65 scenes. The show transformed her into an expert co-have, earning her gigantic acknowledgment and prominence. The Man in the Outhouse, the third scene of Season 4 of the prominent American wrongdoing procedural show Bones, which broadcast on Fox, on September 10, 2008, highlighted Jill in the job of Holly Markwell. She at that point arrived up with the featuring job of Polly Watt in the American blood and gore movie Fragment. In the year 2009, she showed up in a scene of the American move rivalry TV arrangement Hitting the dance floor with the Stars, titled Cycle Ten: Results. In the year 2011, she was viewed as the co-host of the American news magazine TV show Inside the Vault, in ten of its scenes.

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