10. Starfire is cross with the Green Lantern Corps as she holds them accountable for abandoning Tamara and numerous different civilizations.

11. She loves, pampers and protects youngsters.

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12. Tamarians are emotional by nature and their feelings are key to their energy of flight, so it’s no surprise that Starfire is probably the most emotional Teen Titan.

13. As a baby, she was taken care of by Galfore.

14. Blackfire grew to become Starfire’s enemy as a result of Starfire dethroned her and gave the throne to Galfore.

15. Madame Rouge was tasked by Blackfire to homicide Starfire below the disguise of her brother Wildfire, however, she survived.

16. Mother Mae-Eye calls Starfire as Twinkle Star, an ode to the well-known poem “Twinkle-twinkle little star.”

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17. In phrases of Tamaran years, she is 156 years outdated.

18. Starfire has an allergy situation with chromium, and this can be a widespread drawback for Tamarians so even Blackfire could be allergic to the steel.

19. Despite having escaped from the Citadel, she continues to be stricken by the recollections of her captivity.

20. Starfire revealed that Tamarian folks songs are usually all about screams to scare off the Cyborgs.